Our area of expertise is clinical hydrotherapy
the body in ways almost impossible on land

Our hydrotherapists have extensive international training and over 15 years of clinical experience, pioneering specialised techniques in South Africa.

In the warm, supportive environment of water, people of all shapes, sizes, age groups and physical abilities can exercise, relax and enjoy the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic benefits of Aquatic bodywork.


Hydrotherapy has evolved over the years to be considered a comprehensive intervention for the recovery, maintenance, pre-hab, or re-hab of a number of conditions. Aquatic bodywork® is particularly effective for:

Pain Management
Post-surgical Rehabilitation
Joint Disorders & Injuries
Stroke Recovery
Palliative Care
Pediatric Conditions

Acute, transient and chronic / neuropathic pain conditions 

Shoulder, hip, knee, ankle surgery / arthroplasty / replacement

  • Shoulder and arm conditions 
  • Spinal column conditions 
  • Pelvic girdle conditions 
  • Knee and ankle conditions 

Stroke recovery

Palliative care

Fibromyalgia, rheumatic and connective tissue disorder and injuries 

Pediatric conditions that present low/high muscle tone and delays in achieving developmental milestones. 


The session is one-one in a private, indoor, heated hydrotherapy pool.

The hydrotherapist is in the water with the patient throughout the treatment. She applies a combination of active and passive techniques that are tailored to your needs and limits.

The session typically lasts for one hour. The first half is active (exercise and stretches) and the second half is passive – where you are usually floated on their back using special floatation devices under the head and legs, and do absolutely nothing. This puts the body into a neutral position and allows the therapist three-dimensional access to the whole body so that bodywork can be applied.

Benefits are usually seen from the first session. The frequency of sessions is tailored to each patient. You don’t need to be able to swim.


A little nervous, not sure what to expect?  Relax and enjoy our virtual tour of our Hydrotherapy Studio, or contact us to book your consultation.

What you need to know

Your session is private

Your nose and mouth are kept above water and you don’t need to be able to swim.
Sessions are one-to-one and last one hour. Water is heated to 34C. Bring only your swimsuit and towel.

Aquatic Bodywork Hydrotherapy
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Maria-Anna Deroukakis
Maria-Anna Deroukakis
11:13 07 Jul 19
Ultimate therapy. My lower back was in a spasm which was released in the most gentle and relaxed way possible. A warm,... soothing, healing environment with a therapy that is completely personal. Thank youread more
Karl Sutcliffe
Karl Sutcliffe
16:11 20 Jun 19
I have never experienced someone with such an amazing understanding on the body and that process in water is just... amazing! Highly recommended to anyoneread more
Claire Beadle
Claire Beadle
12:03 20 Jun 19
My Mum Claire, took me for Hydrotherapy for my ankle (ripped ligaments) after my operation, Maria has given me my... confidence back to walk and use my crutches correctly. I feel amazing after my sessions. Thank You Maria Love Taylor xread more
Focal Fusion Photography
Focal Fusion Photography
15:57 18 Jun 19
A caring person who is incredibly passionate about what she does. The facility is 5 star, clean need and warm. The... therapy session soft yet firm, Maria knows where and when to apply pressure.For somebody who carries a number of sport injuries this was a revelation and I will definitely be back. Highly more
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson
13:55 28 May 19
A really great form of body therapy. After my active stretching, holding onto the bars in the water, Maria did the... bodywork whilst I was floating peacefully on my back on top of the water. She certainly knew what she was doing as she attended to my back pain. I felt the benefits immediately after the session, and I will certainly go back more
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