Why Choose Aquatic Bodywork?

People come in different sizes, shapes, and physical conditions. Water equalizes them all. Aquatic body work is therefore suitable for almost anyone in any age group.  It’s an accessible, low-threshold activity and you don’t have to be able to swim. It offers sports-people a blissful form of muscle recovery and can be integrated into convalescence, rehabilitation or antenatal care, or can be done purely for recreation. The effects of aquatic bodywork have been used worldwide to help treat cancer, heart disease, aids, chronic pain, psychological traumas, bone and muscle strains and injuries, and insomnia. 

It counteracts the strain and stress of everyday life by imparting an intense feeling of total, deep relaxation, and its beneficial effects may last for many days. It has helped the handicapped, the injured, the stressed, the depressed, the addicted, the abused, hyperactive children, pregnant women, couples in troubled relationships, and those who simply want to relax. 


It is possible that one session will be sufficient to remedy a problem. In chronic cases, sessions should generally be scheduled once a week. For stress management, a session once or twice a month is enough to impart an intense feeling of total, deep relaxation, and, together with regular exercise, correct diet and lifestyle, maintains the body’s health and holistic balance.

 “I often tell my clients to ignore me. I won’t notice if they haven’t shaved or how they look in a swimsuit. The session is about them. It is about guiding them through whatever process they go through. I’m not their counsellor and their session is not about me and them. It is about them and the water. I just help them use the water. Be free like water. Move like water. Yield like water. Become like water.” says aquatic bodywork practitioner Maria Gerondoudis.