Aquatic Bodywork & Water

Warm water provides a safe, thermoneutral environment in which the body enters a state of deep relaxation. The body is then free to receive extensive multidimensional stretching, soft tissue manipulation, and undulating, hydrodynamic movement that can free spinal vertebrae, rotate joint articulations, and elongate muscles.

Immersed in water the body is released from the pull of gravity. All movements are three-dimensional, so that no limb is moved in isolation. The whole body is in movement. The sensation of warmth and weightlessness makes all unnecessary muscular activity stop, you just let go… which from a therapeutic point of view is an ideal way to restore health. 

Just the hydrostatic pressure of warm water during a session has several benefits:
Firstly, water moulds itself to respond to individual needs and stabilizes joints, making it safe for a variety of conditions and injuries. 

Secondly, it compresses all soft tissues, enhancing lymphatic return and increasing diuresis. In other words – faster detox.  

Thirdly, it displaces 700 cm3 of blood from the extremities and abdominal vessels into the large veins of the thorax and into the heart. This causes a significant increase in right arterial pressure, stroke volume, and cardiac output – simply put, it slows the heart rate. And when the body is in a deep state of relaxation, the body’s processes can concentrate on repair. 

Warm water affects our consciousness and our sense of boundary. Our body feels more and more boundless. It is where our mind’s chatter is most still. The psychosomatic effects of aquatic bodywork lead to improved body/mind awareness, reduced pain, and a general sense of wellbeing.